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What is Computer Guided Implant Surgery?

How would you like if your implant team told you with confidence that they can “virtually” plan/execute your surgery prior to the actual procedure? The future is NOW! With the aide of a CBCT scan, and the newest CBCT planning software, Dr. Ace Jovanovski can give you a surgical plan with the end product in mind, eliminating guesswork.

The dental implant placement procedure is performed on a computer screen, in a 3D virtual setting, before the actual day of surgery. The doctors can properly prepare for what they will encounter during the actual procedure.  This amazing computer technology also allows the doctors to preciously place your dental implants to ideally support the tooth (or teeth) that will be built on the dental implant once placed.  A surgical guide, equipped with guide sleeves, will be printed with the newest CAD/CAM technology available.  The surgical guide directs the angulation, position, and size of implant site, with no guesswork. Gone are the days of mal-aligned implants, and poor placement.

An added benefit of computerized dental implant placement is the minimal invasiveness of the procedure—reduction or elimination (in some cases) of incisions or stitches to place the implant body itself.  This results in a much faster healing time, with little or no pain, swelling, or bruising.

Would I benefit from having computer guided implant surgery?

Many patients are excellent candidates for dental implants, but the service isn’t right for everyone. Patients must have enough bone density to support the implant surgery. If you’re not currently a candidate for dental implants, we can help you understand all your options so you can choose the one that’s right for you

Pros & Cons of Computer Guided Implant Surgery:

With computer-guided dental implant surgery, it’s possible for Dr. Ace Jovanovski to know exactly where he’s going to place your implants. As a result, the surgical process is simplified. That means patients can look forward to a better experience overall, including a shorter procedure, a less invasive process, and a shorter recovery period afterwards

Dental implants are widely considered to be the best long-term restorative treatment for patients with one or more missing teeth. When compared to a traditional implants procedure, guided implants surgery offers patients a number of benefits, including:

  • Precision and Predictability: Our software allows Dr. Ace to eliminate virtually all elements of uncertainty from the implant placement process, (such as angulation, depth of placement, amount of bone available, etc.)  Subsequently, your surgical risks are reduced, with minimal or most often NO complications.
  • Quicker Healing: Thanks to detailed vertical and horizontal 3-D images of your jaw, Dr. Ace can plan the placement or your implants with less impact (or damage) on surrounding bone, gum, and teeth.
  • Immediate Use: After traditional implants surgery, patients often must wait several months to receive their restoration. However, with our computer-guided technology, Dr. Ace can prefabricate your temporary teeth prior to your surgery. Often, we can provide same-day implants and temporaries (IMMEDIATELY) that can give you a beautiful new smile after just one appointment.

Perhaps, the only disadvantage to computer guided implant placement is the extra time needed for the planning and fabrication of the surgical appliance (approximately 2 weeks). If there is an emergency situation that requires surgery immediately, the guide is not the best option. Additionally, there is an added laboratory expense to get the guides fabricated.

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