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A great non-invasive way to preview the end result of your dental work is done by doing a “mock-up”. Known as the “dress rehearsal” for dental work, you and Dr. Ace can visualize the changes BEFORE any treatment is rendered. Envisioning the end result before it is finalized is key to predictable dentistry. So, whether you’re improving the appearance of two front teeth or all of your teeth a “mock-up” is a critical tool in establishing the confidence in your dental transformation.

What is a dental mock up?

A dental mock up is a procedure in which a dentist will add composite material (used for tooth colored fillings) to your existing teeth to show you what you might look like with your completed treatment. One of the downfalls of a mock-up is that because no tooth structure is removed, again you can end up with a slightly bulky look (because you are adding to what is already present). A little bit of artistic interpretation and imagination may be needed on teeth that are in the way of the Mockup.

What to Expect

You may go to see your dentist with one or more issues to solve. Sometimes adults don’t want to go through braces for 2-3 years, and want faster improvements in their cosmetics. Weather you have tooth decay, small or large spaces between teeth, broken edges or corners of teeth, unsightly stains or discolorations of teeth, severely rotated or twisted teeth, or unleveled gum lines impairing your smile line, many of these problems can be fixed in a few visits.

Dr. Ace and his team will take duplicates (impressions) of your mouth and fabricate a 3D stone model, serving as a blueprint for your doctor to make changes. A mock-up is the creation of a “trial smile” by a diagnostic waxup done in the laboratory. This simple procedure allows your dentist to apply tooth-colored filling materials to temporarily improve the shape and form of your teeth, previewing the changes in a real life setting. Spaces between teeth can be closed, and worn, shortened teeth can be restored to their former glory. You decide how the proposed changes fit with your lips and face. Dr. Ace recommends bringing your spouse, friend, neighbor, or co-worker to help you preview your new transformation. The mock up is the most realistic way of experiencing the whole host of improvements that you and Dr. Ace have envisioned.

After photographing your dental appearance before and after the “mockup,” your dentist can easily remove the tooth-colored material returning the teeth to their original condition. You can examine and compare the photographs of these transformative changes and actively participate in your own treatment. After all — it’s all about you, so with this knowledge and awareness you can and should be your own best advocate. Dr. Ace will help you decide what treatment is best for you.

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