Benefits of Dental Implants By Ace Jovanovski, DMD on April 25, 2023

One of the best parts of constant improvements in dental technology is that there are now so
many great options for patients who are in need of restorative options. If you are missing one
or more teeth, you may wonder which options could be the right choice for you. Dental
implants are one of the options that your dental professional may present to you. How much
do you know about dental implants?
Do you know all of the benefits that can accompany dental implants? Once you learn of them,
you may find that dental implants are the right choice for you.

A quick understanding of dental implants


Dental implants are small titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone, to serve as
a permanent root replacement for a missing tooth. An abutment, or connector, is either built
into or placed onto the dental implant post. This abutment then connects the implant to the
crown which is custom-made to match with your natural teeth.
The process of getting an implant has come far in recent years. While there is still a need for
adequate recovery time, patients are able to get their smiles restored in much less time. There
are also reduced risks for infection or implant failure.
There are several great benefits of implants to consider.

Restoring functionality

Perhaps the best benefit of dental implants for patients is that they can restore the
functionality that you may have been missing since losing your natural teeth. Missing teeth can
make it a challenge to bite, chew, and even enjoy some of your favorite foods. While dentures
can be a great way to restore some of your functionality, if they are ill-fitting, they may slip or
move while you’re biting and chewing.
We don’t always give much thought to just how important it is that we can bite and chew our
food into digestible pieces. Or just what an important role our teeth play in our ability to digest
our food. If food is not chewed sufficiently, it can take longer to digest. This can lead to
bloating, nausea, and a range of other digestive discomforts. The food may not even be
digested correctly, which can leave you missing out on some of those key nutrients. Dental implants are sturdy and durable. They can allow you to bite, chew and even crunch
some of your favorite foods like crispy fresh apples.

Restoring cosmetic appearance and self-confidence


Do you smile without thinking about it? Or do you tend to hide your smile or avoid
smiling altogether? The truth is that we are all often quite aware of what our smile says about
us. Damaged or missing teeth can take such a toll on your levels of confidence. It may even
start to impact your mental wellness if you begin to avoid family events or photo opportunities
with loved ones.
When you feel confident in your smile, you’re just more likely to smile and laugh without
thinking about what your teeth look like and whether or not someone is focusing on your teeth.
While your loved ones love your smile no matter what, you’re sure to feel so much more
confident about it when you address the cosmetic concerns that you have about it.
Some people do hesitate to consider restorative dental work, thinking that it may not look as
natural as it could be. When you work with your dental professional, you’ll find that every effort
is made to match single-implant crowns with the color of your natural teeth. If you get a full set
of implants or opt for an all-on-four denture option, your teeth will look and feel natural and

Preserves bone and gum health

Do you know that the bone in your jaw is not a solid piece of bone? It’s soft, spongy,
and constantly evolving. This bone relies on the pressure that comes from biting and
chewing to keep it active and healthy. Without this pressure, the jawbone will start to
shrink. It may not be immediately noticeable, but it can result in a few serious issues as
time progresses. Not only does a loss of bone present more of a challenge when it
comes to restorative options, but it can actually contribute to the signs of premature
aging on your face. Without healthy teeth and supporting bones, your facial structure
can change.
This can sound like something that’s irreversible, but it’s not. With the right type of
dental implants and restorative solutions, you can get back your healthy smile and
restore a bit of a youthful glow.

Provides stability for nearby healthy teeth

Do you know that your teeth can move on their own? Teeth being able to move around
is one of the reasons that orthodontic options are possible. While braces can help to shift teeth
into the right positions for that pretty pearly white smile, teeth can also move on their own if
there is available space for them. They don’t like to be crowded and will use any opportunity to
move into nearby available space. Shifting teeth not only results in a crooked smile but it’s
possible that these previously healthy teeth can be at an increased risk of damage or decay.
By providing that stability and filling in those spaces between your healthy teeth, you’ll be able
to better protect your smile and the health of your smile.

A better investment for your mouth health


As with any type of procedure, it’s natural to wonder what the costs of dental implants may be.
In truth, dental implants may not be the lowest-cost option that you have. Insurance may only
pay for a portion of your implant and the surgical procedure. That said, dental implants offer
improved and increased durability, stability, and longevity over other restorative options that
you may be considering. Even if you opt for an all-on-four denture option, where your full
denture is anchored by four implants, you’ll find that the dentures fit better and offer you
improved comfort and functionality over traditional denture options.
Dental bridges can work well to bridge a gap between healthy teeth. But bridgework can also
become easily damaged or shift over time. Many patients also require some type of permanent
crown to be affixed to the surrounding healthy teeth so that they can support the bridge.
While the crown atop your implant may one day need repairs or replacing, the costs associated
will be significantly lower than needing to replace bridgework or dentures.

No one can deny that dental implants bring with them a great improvement in the
quality of life for the patient. Imagine feeling comfortable enough to bite into that fresh
crunchy apple. Or chew those raw carrots with your salad. Picture being able to laugh and smile
with your family and friends, without worrying about how your teeth look. These benefits
outweigh any other concerns that you may have about permanent dental implants.
Contact us and ask Dr. Ace about whether dental implants may be right for you. You’re
sure to be happy with the results of your implants, whether you get one, four, or a full mouth

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