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Teeth Contouring

No imperfection is too small to overlook when it comes to your smile. Here at Jovan Prosthodontics near Georgetown TX, we believe that even if you seem to be the only one to notice a slight flaw, that’s one person too many. Put your trust in Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace Jovanovski: he can carefully and expertly reshape your extra long or chipped tooth with teeth contouring and crown lengthening.


crown lengthening available in Round RockThe processes of teeth contouring and crown lengthening are ideal for fixing minor cosmetic flaws. Teeth contouring is the removal of small amounts of your tooth’s surface and crown lengthening is the removal of small amounts of your gum tissue to expose more of your teeth.

Whether your teeth grew in tight and overcrowded or certain teeth are shorter or longer than others, you no longer have to be self-conscious about an almost perfect smile.

Imperfections teeth contouring and crown lengthening can fix:

  • Small chips, pits, or bulges in teeth
  • Teeth that are larger or smaller than your other teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth, including those caused by overcrowded or uneven teeth
  • Small overlaps and crevices between teeth, where plaque and tartar can collect

There are situations in which teeth contouring or crown lengthening might not be the best treatment for you. Here are some examples with suggested alternative treatments:

  • Dental veneers for substantial chips or disproportionately sized teeth
  • Dental crowns for deep fractures
  • Braces for more severe overcrowding


gum contouring for Georgetown TXTeeth Contouring and Crown Lengthening:

  • Don’t hurt
  • Don’t require anesthesia or recovery
  • Don’t require a follow-up appointment

First, Round Rock, TX dentist Dr. Ace Jovanovski will check the thickness of your enamel and health of your gums to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Then, with a steady hand, he will remove either small amounts of enamel (tooth contouring) or gum tissue (crown lengthening) to smooth your smile into its ideal shape.

Fill out our convenient online form to make an appointment today, or learn more about your dental contouring and crown lengthening options by calling our Round Rock, TX dentist office at 512-716-1200. Whether performing a large procedure or fixing a small flaw, Jovan Prosthodontics always takes your dental concerns seriously.

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Dr. Ace Jovanovski of Jovan Prosthodontics is dedicated to helping patients improve their lives with the highest quality dental care. As a prosthodontist, Dr. Jovanovski specializes in restoring teeth with premium dental implants, custom dentures, and more. Our professional affiliations include the:

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