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Looking for tooth implants? You have found the right spot!  Of course,Visiting your dentist may not be one of your most favorite things to do, but this is crucial to maintaining good oral health. You want to achieve the most beautiful smile you could ever have but, having a missing tooth or missing teeth can be a major problem.

It is important to realize, if you find yourself suffering due to this dental problem caused by periodontal disease, injury, or any other reason, you may need dental implants.


Teeth implants are metal frames or posts that are placed into the jawbone beneath the gums through a surgical operation. When in place, the dentist mounts a replacement tooth or teeth onto them.

The implants are fused to the jawbone, providing stable support for your replacement teeth. Bridges and dentures mounted to dental implants would not shift or slip in the mouth. This helps you feel confident when speaking or eating.

Dental implants guarantee a secure fit to help bridges, dentures, and individual crowns feel and look more natural than their conventional counterparts.

Ordinary dentures and bridges don’t work for some people with missing teeth or a missing tooth simply because they are uncomfortable to wear. Some patients may even find them impossible to wear because of poor ridges, gagging, or sore spots.

One of the best things about teeth implants is that there is no need to prepare adjacent teeth to hold the replacement teeth in place. We are able to simply replace the teeth that are missing without impacting the surrounding teeth.


Dental Implant bridge smile beforeTooth implant bridge before

Patient was not satisfied with the fit or appearance of her front teeth. She was told that all of the remaining teeth had to be extracted. However she wanted to keep some teeth in the back, and did not want to wear a full denture. She didn’t want “FAKE” -looking teeth.


Dental implant bridge after smileTooth implant bridge After

With just a few implants, she was able to get permanent, natural-looking teeth. The teeth were anchored in, and could not be removed. She was able to keep her natural teeth in the back. The pink you see is actually ceramic stained to look like gums. The purpose? Allows for proper lip support to replace the missing bone and gum.


People with missing teeth/tooth often wonder if they are qualified to get this type of dental service. While everyone dealing with this issue has the potential to benefit from dental implants, there are some qualifications to be considered in order to obtain the service.

In order to receive dental implants, it is important that you have adequate bone to support the implant. You must have healthy gums and be free from periodontal disease.

You should also commit to keeping your mouth healthy if you want to feel the full benefits of this replacement option. Regular visits to your dentists and meticulous oral hygiene are crucial to the long-term efficiency and success of the implants.


tooth implantsThere are also several essential steps you need to take to make your teeth implants last and help ensure success. These include:

Avoid Eating or Chewing on Hard Foods. Avoid chewing on items like hard candy or ice. These food items can crack your replacement teeth.

Maintain good oral hygiene. Floss at least once a day and brush your teeth regularly. It is best to use interdental brushes that slide between teeth. These brushes can also clean those areas that are hard to reach around your dental implant.

Don’t smoke. There are certain habits you must avoid or even quit entirely if you want to have your implants last for a long time, including smoking. This habit can weaken the structure of your bone and contribute to the failure of your implant.

Visit your Dentist Regularly. Dental exams and cleanings can help ensure that your implant is in great condition. We can also give you professional recommendations on how to properly take care of your teeth and maintain good oral health.

Work closely with a dental professional to ensure that your implants last. We care about you, your welfare, and your overall dental health.


You are already aware of the benefits of this teeth replacement option, but you may still feel a bit reluctant to obtain this service. Knowing more about how these replacements can help achieve your beautiful smile might help you decide whether or not you want this service.

This dental procedure allows you to enjoy your life without having to worry about how your teeth look. No need to worry that your missing teeth/tooth will limit you from eating the food you like. Teeth implants will allow you to fully enjoy the experience of being able to eat your favorite foods.

You also don’t have to wonder if your tooth-supported teeth replacement or removable dentures could loosen when you eat or fall out when you laugh or talk. Replacing your missing tooth/teeth with dental implants allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest without worrying about your teeth.

Dental implants will protect your healthy bone. It is the only option for dental restoration that will preserve your natural bone, prevent bone loss, and may even stimulate bone growth.

The procedure retains the natural shape of your face. Missing teeth can make your face look sad and sunken. You may even see your face sag. With dental implants, you can maintain your beautiful smile and the natural shape of your face.

Dental implants are long-lasting. They are a long-term, cost-efficient solution to your missing or lost teeth. When placed properly by a skilled dentist, dental implants may last a lifetime.


You need a qualified dentist to deliver premium-quality dental implants. A skilled and experienced dental professional like Dr. Jovanovski can give you the most beautiful smile you deserve!


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