Our On Site Dental Lab By Ace Jovanovski, DMD on January 02, 2023

We make every effort to share with our patients, current and future, what can be expected when they visit our office. Whether the procedure is routine or much more complicated, we strive to share knowledge and helpful information. This allows our patients to make the best decisions for their dental wellbeing. Our on-site dental lab is still something of a mystery for many of our patients, particularly as relates to dentures.


Just what goes on in our lab? How are your dentures made to fit your mouth?

We spoke with Tiffany, who has been with Dr. Ace for four years. Tiffany is a Certified Dental Lab Technician, with a focus on complete dentures.


With more than thirty years of experience as a Dental Laboratory Technician, Tiffany has a passion for dentistry and seeing people smile. Dedicated to pursuing and incorporating state-of-the-art dental technology advancements, Tiffany works tirelessly in our in-house lab to ensure each of patients receives the best in quality dental prosthetic.



Tiffany works to restore smiles for our patients. She describes a patient who came into the office, “After many years of wearing conventional dentures, the patient decided to go with an implant-retained restoration. Also known as an all-on-four, or in this case all-on-four on the lower and six implants on the upper.”


Implanted-retained dentures offer the patient better prosthetic stability, by eliminating the need for any denture adhesives. They can also help to provide improvements in chewing, speech and of course confidence.


The process for getting implant-retained restorations can take several appointments. This will depend on a few factors unique to each patient. If there is bone regression, the patient may require a bone graft before getting the implants surgically placed.

Temporary dentures will be set in place, while your implants go through the process known as osseointegration. This is where the implants will fuse with the bone in your jaw. They will become a permanent part of your smile. This process could take up to six months, depending on how well each patient heals. Periodic visits to the office will ensure that the implants are integrating and that healing process is going well.


Once the implants are fully integrated, the final restoration process can begin. The patient will be able to choose between an acrylic-based restoration, or they can opt to upgrade to a zirconia restoration.

A screw-retained denture that is acrylic based. There is a titanium bar inside of the prosthetic, to add strength. Both acrylic and zirconia offer the functionality that you are looking for. Each are also very good aesthetically speaking.

Final impressions will be taken, so that the best in comfortable fit is assured with the new dentures. The dentures will be made using these impressions.


Each patient will be given a little teal box, inside of which are the mouth guards. Every one of our patients will be given a night guard set and an Essex set. These will help to protect your beautiful smile from damage sustained from Bruxism at night, and other concerns that may damage your dentures.


Each of our patients are incredibly happy with their results. We love seeing them smile broadly with the confidence that comes from knowing they have the flawless smile that they deserve.



Tiffany is a crucial part of the process for getting your implant-supported dentures. You may not see her smiling face when you come into the office, but you can rest assured that she is working hard as a part of the team that will restore your smile.


Tiffany’s process and steps in the lab are completed with the best in attention to detail and the highest levels of precision.


Step 1:
The patient will come into the office to get impressions made. These are for the temporary dentures that will be worn during the healing phase after implants have been surgically placed.


Step 2:
Tiffany then pours up the models, in order to create the temporary conventional dentures set. These will be set in place the day that the patient has the implant placement surgery.


Step 3:
Once the patient has completely recovered from the surgery (4-6 months, on average), the patient will return to the office. New impressions, known as the final impression, will be taken.


Step 4:
The final denture material selected will determine whether Tiffany creates the final dentures, or whether an outside lab assists. In the case of the aforementioned patient, Tiffany created the final denture, as it was made from acrylic materials.


Step 5:
Tiffany will pour up another set of models, to start the procedure for creating the patient’s final denture.


Step 6:
The patient will still be wearing their temporary dentures once they leave the office after their final impression appointment. Any adjustments to the temporary adjustments can be made during this visit.


Step 7:
The models are sent to an outside lab, so that they can create a custom-made titanium bar to support the denture.


Step 8:
The models are returned to the office, and Tiffany starts the process of creating the patient’s final denture.


Step 9:
The dentures will be placed when the patient returns to the office. Any minor adjustments can be made at this point.


Step 10:
One very happy patient, with a beautifully restored smile.

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Dr. Ace is listed as a certified Master Lab Technician. The only way that it is possible to be considered a Master is to be certified in all 5 fields in the dental lab world. This includes the following.

Complete Dentures
Crowns & Bridges
Partial & Implants

Fewer than 1% of certified dental technicians have the title of Master.

Are you ready to learn more about your options for restoring your smile? Whether implants, dentures or another restoration solution entirely, we offer the solution that is best to meet your specific dental needs.

Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment. Your refreshed smile could just be a phone call away.

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