What Is Laser Dentistry? By Ace Jovanovski, DMD on February 06, 2023

With advancements in dental technology come advancements and improvements in patient care. The introduction of laser dentistry offers dentists the ability to greatly improve the experiences that patients have while getting treatment. In addition, there is great improvement in prognosis and results. But the question comes up often, “What is Laser Dentistry?”

Understanding laser dentistry can help you to understand how it can make your experience much more of a positive one.


When you think of lasers you may picture epic battles in space or a film where a Bond villain is about to do no good. It can be difficult to reconcile that notion with the way that laser technology has been integrated into dentistry. In truth, lasers have been successfully used for a number of medical applications for quite some time.

Lasers allow medical professional increased precision, with a number of incredible benefits for the patient. It can potentially offer comfortable treatment options, for several procedures. Lasers are effective on both hard and soft tissue. This means that they can be used to treat a cavity. And also help to whiten your teeth or to reshape your soft gums.

The laser tool creates a narrow and focused light beam. This light beam produces a reaction when it meets the tissues in your mouth. This allows for easy reshaping or removal of the tissue.


Traditional dentistry utilizes a wide variety of tools, including drills. In laser dentistry, only the dental laser is used. Results can be seen with just the use of the laser. Patients often appreciate that the lasers mean they don’t need to have sharp and noisy tools used on them.

Traditional dentistry tools have long been effective, but laser dentistry can offer improvements in procedure times. Patients can benefit from less time spent in the dental chair.

Also known as drill dentistry, traditional dentistry typically requires a drill for procedures like filling cavities and root canal therapy. Drills used have a number of bit sizes and shapes, each to meet a specific need. These dental drills are considered to be incredibly powerful. But they can also have some downsides for the patient and dentist both.

Drills can generate noise and vibrations. They can also result in a burned smell as they work through the layers of the tooth.


Laser dentistry is incredibly safe. Extra care is taken to ensure the safety of the patient. Every step of the way. Laser dentistry is approved for treating a wide variety of conditions, including treating children for certain dental concerns.

Using lasers can actually prove to be safer than traditional tools. Lasers allow the dentist to treat targeted areas with the highest levels of precision. Even more precision is possible than with the best in hand instruments. The precision of lasers allows for the reduction in the amount of healthy tooth structure that will need to be removed. The preservation of healthy tooth is a good thing.

Another consideration is that lasers reduce the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. In turn, this reduces the amount of bleeding. Reduced bleeding can translate to a reduction in the risk of infection. The use of lasers is linked with decreased healing and recovery time.


There are number of dental applications for lasers. It has been proven to be an effective tool for a number of procedures.

  • The removal of tissue from a wisdom tooth that is impacted. This can then make it easier to extract the wisdom tooth, without the need for scalpels and sutures.
  • Removing overgrown gum tissue. That could be the result of certain medications.
  • The removal and reshaping of gum and bone tissue.
  • Addressing gum tissue inflammation. As is often seen in cases of periodontal disease.
  • Boosting the in-office whitening procedures.  So patients get better whitening results faster.
  • Addressing any concerns. That are responsible for restricting lip or tongue movement.
  • Removing decay from cavities. To prep the tooth for the filling.
  • Preparing the enamel on teeth. For the placement of dental veneers.


There are almost endless applications for lasers when incorporated into dentistry.


The benefits associated with laser dentistry are far reaching. As the laser works through the soft tissue. It cauterizes in its wake. Many patients do not require sutures. This can lead to a reduction in patient bleeding. In turn, this can result in faster rates of healing. For the patient, even after complex procedures. Another consideration is that there is much less soft tissue damage with dental lasers. This can also lead to increased healing rates for the patient.

Lasers can also reduce the bacteria in the treated area, as the light is known for sterilizing the area. In turn, this can drastically reduce the patient’s chances of infection.

Lasers bring with them much less opportunity for discomfort. Along with the ability to reduce the amount of tissue damage done during procedures. Patients can also appreciate that dental lasers reduce the amount of healthy tooth removed during procedures.


The good news for those interested in laser dentistry. Is that there is almost no pain associated with the treatments. Particularly when compared to what is possible with traditional dental tools. Many patients report that they did not feel any discomfort at all. Some procedures can even be done without any type of anesthesia. Of course, if you feel discomfort. Dr. Ace will take steps to ensure your comfort.


Dental lasers are incredible. Offering incredible benefits and results. What is better than a dental laser? Not needing to have one used on you at all. Keep up with your regular oral wellness habits. Brush after every meal. Floss once a day. Use an alcohol-free mouthwash. And be sure to visit with your dentist. Every six months for a professional cleaning and a checkup.

Dental lasers may not ever entirely replace the traditional dental tools in use today. With continued innovation, however, lasers just may become more commonplace in the medical and dental office. Contact us today and meet Dr. Ace!

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