Implant Supported Dentures By Ace Jovanovski, DMD on January 27, 2023

Dentures can restore your smile, and with it your confidence in your smile. There are several options in dentures, including those that are supported by implants. Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution. While a full set of dental implants is a great way to restore your beautiful smile, it’s not always cost-effective. 

Dentures that are supported by implants offer a number of benefits over simply using dentures on their own.


Let’s be honest. Dentures are a great was to restore your smile and your confidence. They can also make it possible for you to eat a bit better than you did. However, there are some serious downsides to just dentures alone.

Implant supported dentures offer increased stability. Whether you’re eating or talking, your dentures will function just as your natural teeth would. Unlike the traditional denture appliance, implant supported dentures rarely need to be adjusted. This is because the dental implant supported dentures are actually anchored to the jaw bone. Just like your natural teeth.

The excellent stability offered by the implant supported dentures means that you can start to expand your diet. Chewy, tough and even crunchy foods can be once against enjoyed when your dentures aren’t at risk of slipping when you’re eating.


Another benefit is that the stability of these dentures makes it possible for you to enunciate your words, with perfect clarity. The traditional dentures can shift when you speak, which can make it difficult to be clear when you speak.

Implant supported dentures will stay in place. This will allow you to chat with your family and friends with ease. You can even deliver a keynote speech, without worrying that your dentures will slip out of place. You’ll find that speaking on the phone is once again a breeze, as you can now be heard correctly.

Perhaps one of the best health benefits to consider about implant supported dentures is that they can help to prevent further bone atrophy. When there are missing teeth in the mouth, the bone in the jaw will begin to shrink. The constant pressure of chewing with natural teeth stimulates the bone to regenerate. Without that pressure, the bone will stop regenerating, and will atrophy. In time, the shape of your jaw and face can change as a result of this. You may even start to look older than your years. Dental implants will help your jaw to maintain the right shape.

Traditional dentures may need to be adjusted periodically, in order to accommodate the changes that take place in the jaw. Implant support dentures however won’t need to be adjusted.

Other denture solutions may be cheaper, and require much less preparation. Implant supported dentures however offer better long-term benefits. These benefits can save you time, frustration and discomfort.


Also known an implant over-denture, the implant supported denture is secured by implants that are surgically implanted into the jawbone. There are two primary types of options in implant supported denture to consider. Working with Dr. Ace is the best way to determine which option is the best choice for your needs.

The primary types of implant supported dentures are ball-retained and bar-retained.

Ball-retained dentures are also referred to as a stud attachment denture. Each of the surgically placed implants features a ball-shaped accessory that pairs up to the socket attachment on the denture. The dentures are simply secured in place by matching up the attachments.

Bar-retained dentures make use of a thin metal bar that follows the curve of your jaw. This bar is connected to the implants that have been strategically placed in your mouth. A minimum of two implants will be needed, but some may have up to five. The denture is then clipped securely onto the bar.

Dr. Ace will need to evaluate the condition of your gums and your jawbone before determining which option is the best for you. Whether you’re opting for porcelain or acrylic dentures, both types will be able to work with either of the support systems.


You may be wondering just how implant supported dentures can be maintained. After all, removable dentures are easy to remove and clean at the end of each day. Your implant supported dentures need to be cleaned daily, in order to maintain the good health of your mouth.

Detachable components can be carefully removed. Clean around each part of the denture appliance, the prosthetic teeth and the gum areas. Use denture-safe brushes and cleaning solutions in order to protect the condition of each component.

Remember that it’s not suggested that you sleep with your dentures in your mouth. Removing dentures at night can help to prevent infections, damage and other potential complications.

Don’t soak your denture appliances in anything unless it is recommended as safe for dentures. Some products on the market may be too corrosive for use on dentures. Dentures are designed to be durable, but that can only be controlled if you aren’t exposing them to corrosive or otherwise damaging materials on a daily basis.

Clean your implant supported dentures after each meal, when and where possible. Just because you no longer have natural teeth you are not excluded from the risks of inflammation, infection and other oral health concerns. Keeping your dentures and your mouth clean will go a long way towards protecting your oral health.


It is incredibly important that you keep the abutments as clean as is possible. Be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water, as this can help to get rid of any debris floating around in your mouth.

It’s important that you follow the cleaning instructions provided to you by your dentist, and keep to a routine that is manageable for you. Maintaining your good oral hygiene is a critical part of taking care of your implant-support dentures, and ensuring that they last for many good years to come.

Be sure that you still keep up with your regular visits to see the dentist. Even if you have a full set of dentures, your visits to the dentist are important. At these visits your dentist will ensure that your implants are dentures are well-maintained. This can help to avoid or identify in the early stages any potentially painful or expensive concerns.

A thorough examination can check on the health of your gums and the surrounding tissues in your mouth. X-rays may be periodically taken, in order to confirm that the implants, abutments and also the attachments are each correctly positions. Some of the components can show signs of wear, with time. They will need to be replaced, sometimes annually. Contact us and make your appointment today!

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